Stocky, with a muscly build, powerful hands, uncanny swiftness, and piercing, knowing eyes.


Zaytsev is known for his love of the sniper. However, given the choice, his weapon would be his own fist and mind. With an fighting style unlike anyone else’s, Zaytsev studies his opponents, learns their weaknesses, and then immediately takes them down. Having served in several minor catastrophes, country-wars, and the Russian Military, he is not someone to glance at the wrong way.


Zaytsev is particularly well known for several of his heists, plots, infiltration, assassinations, and conspiracies. Having made himself quite an international name through the use of employment by several mob and mafia bosses, those of which cannot be mentioned in this article. Some of his famous heists include the stealing of the Deepdene Diamond, the attempted assassination J. Edgar Hoover, and the collapsing of several Congo military bases.


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