Lean, quick, smarting eyes, furious temper, immense coordination, and a quick tongue.


Rudolph was born into lots of money. Using this immense wealth, he began to search for his calling in life, eventually finding it in the collecting of guns, shooting of guns, really anything with the steel killers. His father was a famous politician and noble, as was his mother a former member of the House of Lords. Both died under peculiar circumstances, and as such, he has widely been raised by the family butler, Horace Hitchcroft.


While still largely unknown to the world at this point, his many trips to jungles and gun shows are sure to enable him a place in the world’s memory when it comes to wielding a weapon. He has uncanny accuracy and coordination. This combination allows his bullets to be fired with maximum wounding and critical penetration. He is clearly not someone you’d want to draw weapons with.


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