The 1930's

The Peruvian Jungle

Brit Parkinson

The hot rays of the red sun glare down upon the backs of several men. With glowing, green plants surrounding them, they trudge forward with some supplies, seeking an ancient treasure. There is the sound of rushing water nearby, and the leader of this group, with wild eyes, a dashing smile, and perfectly pampered hair, urges his companions forward.

After traversing a river and losing several men within it, the Brit is able to find an ancient cave, filled to the brim with treasure, and also laced with mysterious statues. Upon touching a rather peculiar one with different colors of gems, he fell into a deep sleep, only to awaken with the treasure gone, as well as all of his companions. Brit then proceeded to hunt down and kill three of his remaining hired hands, only to have the last two escape his grasp. He then returned to his home in Europe via plane.

*Note:The Village Brit was in had an outpost filled with Russian Communists.


TheL00ker TheL00ker

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