The 1930's

The Island

Brit and Eli

After the plane crash, Brit and Eli are able to make their way to some sort of strange island. There, they assess the status of the members of their survivors, there are some leadership issues, and problems begin to ensue. Strange attacks happen, and before long there are enormous reptilian like creatures plaguing upon their small camp. Eli also rushes back to the airplane wreck to try and salvage some supplies and is nearly killed in the process. Later they are attacked by enormous caterpillar like creatures, and most of the survivors are killed. Several are in critical condition, and Eli runs into the jungle to try and find help. He finds a strange abandoned outpost, only to later realize that it belongs to an emerging political force in Germany: the Nazis. After battling some more reptilian creatures, and what appears to have been a T-Rex, he is able to gather some supplies and intelligence as to how to get off the island. The later find an almost finished German U-boat within a lake on the island, and are able to escape with six people remaining.


For the record I didn’t nearly get killed by my diver, he attempted to kill me… I RAGED him.

The Island
TheL00ker TheL00ker

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