The 1930's

Flight 713

Eli and Brit

Both characters make their way onto an airplane in order to go to Chicago. On board, Brit gets drunk, and Eli goes off to thank the chef for an uncannily good dinner. As Eli reaches the inner parts the plane, he finds that no one is at their post in the kitchen, and is suddenly knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he is confronted by another russian sent to kill him. The russian leaves Eli to die, telling him that he has little time. Brit trudges around the airplane only to be stopped by an airmarshal.
Eli is then able to escape and finds a lot of dynamite within the airplane, as well as the bodies of the two pilots. Through help from a rocket scientist and the intervention of others Eli is able to stabilize the crashing plane from going at too critical an angle into the ocean. There are 25 survivors.


TheL00ker TheL00ker

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