The 1930's

Berlin, Germany

Eli Lagerstrom

In Berlin, ELi finds that he has a very fancy hotel room that is completely paid for, and also has a secret vault within it that has a weapon stash. After several days of recovery, he finds that he is about to be attacked by local law enforcement, when another person shows up, hired to kill him. After disposing of all of them, he made his way away from the building, tazering some more cops in the process, and eventually finding himself a suitable place to recover.

Next, he awakens to find a note that asks him to meet a man across the street in a cafe. The man is very fat, with an enormous mustache and an love for giant cigars and pie. He gives Eli an interesting job: to take over a bank. He then pays for Eli’s plane ticket and leaves.


TheL00ker TheL00ker

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